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William Russell Walker is what I would consider to be a student of the old masters. His work is classical but yet has a sense of contemporary melancholy. It is extremely rare to find an artist who seeks such noble path. With full confidence, I know he can become a great artist of the modern romanticism.

-- Gordon S. K. Lee (MFA, Cranbrook), Painting Instructor, Columbus College of Art and Design, 1993.


Mr. Walker, I have learned a great deal from reading the brief essays on your website, "As Artists" and "Artist Statement."  Pages upon pages of art history have been written to express what you have said in a few sentences and a few pictures.  The depth of your thinking is impressive and the depth of your feeling is tangible.  Your ambition is indeed noble.  I recently had the pleasure of spending time with a portrait of an elderly woman by Rembrandt, and felt again how he made the particularities of one person's wrinkled face into a universal statement that life is short, that we age and can do so with dignity. His painting inspired me to appreciate and make good use of the body and life I have left. So do your paintings. Thank you.   -- Peter C. Sorlien, ASA,  Accredited Appraisers, Marblehead MA (2012)